go90 – Stream TV & Live Sports Recenzje App

Dies if you touch it

If you don’t pause, rewind, or skip to another spot in the stream, you MIGHT make it the end of the stream, or you might not. Don’t bother trying to cast. Go90 is frustrating garbage.


Barca tu paite

App muy buena

App muy buena

Veronica Mars

I only got app for Veronica Mars but now it’s gone so...

Was in love

This was my favorite app to watch at the gym and nail shop. Now my favorite show Veronica Mars is randomly gone. All the other content is too short for a nail shop session, I’d have to constantly switch shoes. Bring back Mars!

Thank you guys

I'm Italian and this is the only way to watch legally important Italian matches. Thank you guys.



Disney Circle Owners Beware

Disney Circle doesn't recognize this as video(stupid right?). It's categorized under arts and entertainment. Silly kids...tricks are for dummies go be sneaky somewhere else, not on my wifi. NOT TODAYYYyYyYyYy.

Best free streaming app for football ⚽️

It’s a great app you can watch La Liga and Seria A games. But it doesn’t stream any UCL and Copa Del Rey games that’s why I gave it 3/5

Don’t believe the lie!

The app proclaims to be data free use when watching shows etc. for Verizon customers. That is not the case. It not only uses your data but it uses an extensive amount of.

World Cup

Great app overall. Full HD soccer streams. I would like to watch the World Cup and the champions league on this app. That’s the only improvement they need. Otherwise overall 11/10 app

No wonder it’s data free

Everything is old crap nobody wants to watch. Most movies I’ve never even heard of.

Too well-kept a secret

There is some quality programming on this, especially sports. It streams well, better than some of the bigger network offerings. But they do virtually nothing to promote it, which is a shame. Also, there is no excuse for not having a dedicated channel on streaming devices, such as Roku.

It grew on me

I didn’t even open this app for the first couple months I had it. When I finally checked it out, I discovered several great new shows and even a few old reruns that are awesome. QB1 is outstanding



Horrible stream

Got this to watch CCL soccer games. But horrible stream. Mostly stopped w a blue circle. Disappointing

Tried watching a live game with no luck

I downloaded the app to try and watch the CONCACAF Champions League quarter finals but it was impossible to watch. The stream kept cutting out every 2-4 minutes and it would say there’s a delay in the stream. Worst streaming I’ve ever experienced!

Fantastic app

I am so grateful for this app!!! I don’t have cable or satellite TV so unfortunately I don’t get to watch my favorite teams often. But now because of this app I can watch all Real Madrid and Concacaf games for FREE!! Thank you to the creators of this app 🙏🏼

Bad App

Kept pausing and not working while I was trying to watch the content


They took off the only show i was using this app for. 😡

Zero communication with customers

Imagine this: you're happily settling in to finish watching a favorite show. Everything is ready, you fire up the go90 app, and poof, it's gone. Gone from your favorites, gone from your browsing history. Like it never existed. You're desperately search online to find out what happened but are foiled, yet again, because there is no communication. Only by reading reviews from the past are you able to put together what's happened: your show has been dropped. Instead of the comfortable familiarity of an old friend you're not bombarded with D-grade schlock You're left scratching your head and thanking your lucky stars that the app is at least free.


Love this app! Especially to watch soccer games live!! Thank you for existing!!

Needs more shows

Love it!!!


It would have been nice to have been warned fringe was being removed from the website. I was half way through the season and it’s just gone the next day. I don’t care what pathetic excuse you have to say about it but a good app/service would have warned their customers in advanced. Deleting this app off all my platforms. If this is a customer driven app, it would care for what their customers want and give them notice just like Netflix and Hulu does. Best of luck to this app, hope it learns from its mistakes or it won’t be around much longer.


I just download the app and looked at the shows, and I couldn’t tell you where the shows came from because I’ve never heard of any of them and there are dozens. The only names I recognized were Snooki & Jwow, and I’ve never seen the show and never will. It’s like having a bunch of records (“Records” are how people would listen to music before CD, digital came out with their high quality. Now millennials pretend that records are the greatest hipster thing. Even though records are lower quality, which is why they’re not made anymore. GenXers who’ve spent thousands of dollars creating their record library’s, now sell them to millennial’s at a high price, which of course millennials will pay.) and you can only listen to the “B” sides of them.

Where’s FRINGE

I love the app but I’m very upset about the removal of the show fringe. Honestly my favorite show and now it’s just gone?? Bring it back please


Great idea of streaming La Liga games. Congratulations!!

Frequently shuts down

Don't know why this keeps happening but it will not let me watch anything and instead will just close down completely. Very frustrating.



Great service

I watch live sports and I enjoy the high quality streams. However, every commercial break makes my app glitch. Every game I watch always restarts from the beginning and I have to force close the app or fast forward. Then it plays another commercial, which brings makes the live game play from the beginning. Now I miss 10 minutes of the live game. Please fix this. I really do enjoy this and it would be a shame to have to find another server. Thank you

Calidad nítida

Gracias por esta aplicación que nos alegra cada semana

Crashing mess

This app is such a mess. It's hard to find anything. The in app search doesn't work. The also constantly crashes on my iPad not to mention even though I have google cast the app can't find it. Skip this until the has a major overhaul

Frequent crashes

The app crashes frequently while streaming to the Apple TV. But it has Babylon 5, so I push through. Works better with Chromecast, but not perfect.


Es una app excelente

This is the WORST APP EVER!

I only got the app because its website was so screwy on my computer. I thought surely the app would be better. NO IT WASN'T. I can't watch even a single video without the app crashing. This is the worst video app I have ever used! Do NOT bother.

Incredible for LaLiga Fans

I’m a huge Barca fan. Bein is not available for me so this is an excellent alternative. I watch almost every Barca game on here. I stream it on my AppleTv and it looks perfect.


Repeatedly crashes after 2 seconds of video.

Apple tv

Please fix not working on apple tv

Beyond Awesome

Great app


App crashes less than 30 seconds after opening. I like the shows but takes forever to watch. I have deleted and reinstalled countless times.

App crash

The app crashes on the iPad but works fine on the iPhone l updated the app on February 17 know I have this problem please fix

App crashes

This app was working great on my iPad but then all of a sudden it started crashing I have done all the trouble shooting and still nothing works Can you fix it please?

Crashing App

App keeps crashing when I start any video please fix Thanks

One more thing

I love watching soccer, and a lot, I always watch la Liga soccer matches, specially if my favorite team, Barcelona plays, but one thing most of us will enjoy is if you add fox sports or fox deportes, one of those 2 I think are the same lol, but I would really love that, for now 5 stars for y'all, great app!!!!

good app.

this is a very good app but i wish the videos was a little longer and the should have more ‘love daily’ and ‘zac and mia’ seasons.

Classic shows

The app has a quite s a selection of shows, but needs TV app integration as well as an Apple TV version to make it complete.



NBA League Pass NO MORE

Not only does go90 make shows that NOBODY watches, they also can’t even provide NBA LEAGUE PASS ANYMORE. It’s a disappointment for them to take our money (more than they should be keep in mind) and in return provide us with subpar service and worthless shows. Thought that go90 was decent when it had NBA but now it’s just a useless app I will never use again. I am aware you can buy it, but I’ll wait to watch it at home instead of on go90.

Constantly crashes when using airplay

Not usable.

Programming is weak

We like to watch sports and the variety is dismal.

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