go90 – Stream TV & Live Sports Recenzje App

Frequently shuts down

Don't know why this keeps happening but it will randomly just close down completely. Very frustrating.

One more thing

I love watching soccer, and a lot, I always watch la Liga soccer matches, specially if my favorite team, Barcelona plays, but one thing most of us will enjoy is if you add fox sports or fox deportes, one of those 2 I think are the same lol, but I would really love that, for now 5 stars for y'all, great app!!!!

good app.

this is a very good app but i wish the videos was a little longer and the should have more ‘love daily’ and ‘zac and mia’ seasons.

Classic shows

The app has a quite s a selection of shows, but needs TV app integration as well as an Apple TV version to make it complete.



NBA League Pass NO MORE

Not only does go90 make shows that NOBODY watches, they also can’t even provide NBA LEAGUE PASS ANYMORE. It’s a disappointment for them to take our money (more than they should be keep in mind) and in return provide us with subpar service and worthless shows. Thought that go90 was decent when it had NBA but now it’s just a useless app I will never use again. I am aware you can buy it, but I’ll wait to watch it at home instead of on go90.

Constantly crashes when using airplay

Not usable.

Programming is weak

We like to watch sports and the variety is dismal.


Every time i try to stream it to my screen through air play it crashes . Please fix

Not stable

App continues to crash while casting to an AppleTV

Airplay mode with Apple TV 4K crashes

I can’t use the airplay in my Apple TV 4K. The app crash all the time.

Please keep exactly as is!

Love this app that I can use for free through my Verizon mobile subscription. I get to watch BeIN sports games on my Apple TV when I can’t even watch them on my Tv directly from the beIN app. Brilliant!


It may or may not be in the Customer Agreement but Veronica Mars CRASHES on APPLE TV where as T@GGED plays ok. I’m a VERIZON CUSTOMER so if there is some content that cannot be streamed on a TV then it’s a 2 STAR app. If VERONICA stops crashing I’ll update my review. Right now this app needs some work. If the VERIZON TECH DEPARTMENT is anything like their CUSTOMER SERVICE I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for improvements. After I finish watching T@GGED I’ll just put this app in the cloud. UPDATE: 1 STAR NOW. Everything is crashing! Junk app with NOT ENOUGH SERVERS!!!

Great app!

I feel very happy with this application, great job guys!!

Connect to TV bugs fix needed!

Keep crashing while connecting into my TV.

Can’t screen mirroring.

Can’t screen mirroring, what a waste of technology.


This app has a few shows I can’t find elsewhere which I love. However, it crashes all the time. It’s beyond aggravating. Fixing that would make it 5 stars easy.

Update on Apple TV

It doesn’t connect to Apple TV just crashes

Crashing + Subtitles stuck ON

Frequent crashes when starting an airplay stream to Apple TV. Other times it does not crash but reports a failure. Also sometimes crashes partway through a show. Does not remember where you were when you restart. When it does work, it sends subtitles even though they are turned off. Must turn them on and then off to get them to go away. Every time you start a show.


Can’t remember an app that functions as poorly as this one. Apple air play feature is a joke. Constant crashes. Better luck next time.

It keeps crashing

Whenever I try to stream it to my Apple TV it crashes every single time. It does the opposite when using a chromecast

awesome app

very nice I love this app .... so nice so lovely


If this app had VoiceOver accessibility, I would give it five stars. This is because I’m blind and for some reason VoiceOver won’t read to me what’s on the screen with in the app. Thus, I think accessibility for blind people should be configured into the app so that blind people can watch/listen to Sports and other TV shows as well.

False you know

Call mee asap verizon

Great app

Veo cada juego del Barcelona sin problemas muy buena la recomiendo

James Rodriguex

How about the success of James Rodriguez? Not only with the Colombian national team but Bayern Munich and he was great when ever played at Real Madrid..

Great app

I love the application a lot. I hope you add European champions league and EPL matches


Actualización para iPhone X

Lame Brand change to Yahoo TV or Verizon Go

Pretty decent app but what a stupid pathetic brand. Are we in the 90’s? What does go90 even mean? Time to fire your marketing team, let me give you the best free advice, Why not leverage the universally recognized Yahoo or Verizon brands?


make the app go to Canada stores as well.


Works great improved from before

Great app!

Could never find an app that would let me watch soccer games for free with high quality till I found Go90!! Best app to watch anything anywhere! I enjoy it everyday!


Update for ipX please

It’s working well now thanks

Working perfectly

You have transformers!

Nuff said!!!

Doesn’t work

I started to watch a movie with the app and then I came back later to finish it and when I go to the video tab for the movie nothing shows up. It is like this for the whole app for me I cannot watch anything on here


I honestly love this app! It’s amazing. These shows/episodes on this app are unique. Totally recommend


Send me one more notification I dare you. I’ll delete this app so fast your head will spin. ONE MORE!

Great shows

Great entertainment!


I love it so many show and I can relate to it

Apple TV problems

It can’t be streamed to an Apple TV

Great app!

I like it has setting options for playback a lot of apps don’t have that. The ads are completely reasonable which normally isn’t the case with a free service. Simple layout as well. The only issue I have is the commercials are so loud, but the shows are so low! So if the shows could be made louder as well, so I don’t have to have my volume so high that’d be great. Overall a great app and I’m glad I found it!


Where else can you watch el Clasico in HD for free? Amazing 3-0


You guys have to broadcast the Barclays Premiere League as well if you wanna get 5 stars


I love go 90 it is the best I love the shows and it’s freeeee omg Netflix should be jealous even though their is not that many shows I still rewatch them all the time!

Great app, but...

This is a great app but I found that I was occasionally getting kicked out. Other than that, I love it and will continue to use it.


It’s insane to see how many ppl are complaining after the app is FREE to use! Entitled individuals i swear!!

Not accessible

Does not work with screen readers like voiceover everythingp is just labeled as a button.

Cannot cast

App on iPhone cannot cast live nfl to chromecast. App on iPad cannot play live nfl. Do not have Apple TV to check functionality. Only way to view games is via iPhone.

Wow!!! Amazing App !!

What a wonderful app and a must have for futbol fans. Best things is you can stream live La Liga matches for free!!!!

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