go90 – Stream TV & Live Sports App Reviews

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Cant wait to watch more soccer games and tagged show !!!


The app very good


Awesome app for outdoors. Loved it.

So happy with this app

For the ones who love Soccer, this is an app we must download... Amazing HD quality, I havent have any problem with it... I can watch my favorite Soccer games for free.... Love it

Total RIP off

Suppose to be a "Free app" but they charge you 14.70! So watch out! This is a monthly charge if you do not catch it! False advertisement for sure!!!

What you need to know

I called Verizon and asked about this app and the free data. I was informed that this is for Verizon customers that have the 2 gig plan and that you get 2 free gigs of data when using this app. After 2 gigs you are charged for your data. So you only get 2 free gigs. I checked by streaming for 5 minutes and I was still charged for the data so I am not convinced that a Verizon customer gets to stream videos for free.

No idea of how live events work

Soccer (football) a great draw for this app if not for the brain dead team. European soccer matches are a big draw for this app. However, besides the poor video quality which I will not hold against the team, the match feed ends early time and time again. If it’s a live match the feed will end at the listed time, no matter the actual time remaining in the live match. If the BeIN schedule gets adjusted the Go90 app will not adjust. It’s not hard to figure out that live shows cannot fit into the Go90’s advance posted schedule.

Almost useless, nfl streams barely work, no casting allowed

As the title says. Nearly none of the NFL games work currently and the ability to cast your stream to chromecast is not allowed, even though the option is right there to try and select.


This app started slow but now its amazing. NFL games dont count against data


Love the fights, thats all I watch... How about some MMA, would be a great addition to what you already have...

Mr app

Very good Verizon thank you now I can catch up most of the game on the road

Please Fix The App

The videos never load until after I refresh the app at least 10 tens, or maybe more. I really would like to watch a video on here without it going through a glitch every signal time.


99% of the time, "not working in USA right now." The worst app that does nothing.


This is by far the best app with the best show (transformers combiner wars)

Love it

Its so amazing I love the skit and the show t@ggd

Great App!

This is an awesome app to view futbol matches!! Thank you!!

No data used fos soccer!

Being able to watch La liga, not using my data... Priceless.

The app

It the best app that Ive ever had the commercials are short and theres so many good choices to choose from

Zero Stars

What I choose to airplay is none of your business. My hardware is my hardware, and you have no right dictating whether I can or cannot stream media from one of MY DEVICES THAT I PAID FOR to another. Terrible app.

Good BUT!!!

The app is good can watch games but the only thing is that they dont put the Barclays premier league and would be even better because most people want to see it.

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